Morris O'Connor/Gregory Moore

Morris O’ConnorとGregory Mooreからメールがきました。
東北大震災で崩壊した南三陸町 徳性寺の柱で作ったギターのコメントです。

Hi Mr. Shiino,

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.
I finally got a chance to sit down and plug the guitar into a Amp with no affects
And I was blown away by the tone and the versatility of the guitar. I don’t know what type of pickups your using but in the neck position it has a really worm bluesy sound and if you roll off the 2nd tone knob you can get a good jazz tone in the 2nd position from the neck you can get a great R&B rhythm sound in 2nd position from the bridge you can get a great R&B Funk sound and in the bridge position you can get a great country twang sound or if you add a little distortion in that same position you can get a great screaming rock lead sound. It must be something in the age of the wood or the builder or both. I think it’s both because you are a special person and friend and I’m honored to have such a special guitar.

Thank you once again
for another great guitar,

Morris J. O’Connor

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Dear Mr. Shiino

I love the guitar that you gave me! It sounds wonderful and feels incredible. I thank you sooooo much for giving me a Classic One of a kind guitar. Once again your kindness has overwhelmed me and your talented in this Music Business is one of a kind!!!!

Thank You Mr.Shiino
Gregory (Gmoe) Moore
Guitarist for Earth Wind and Fire